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      發布日期:2023-04-19 瀏覽次數:553

      公司生產加工基地廠區占地面積超過25萬㎡,廠房面積20萬㎡,擁有各類先進鋼結構生產線18余條,年產各類鋼結構25萬噸。主要承擔輕鋼結構、網架結構、重鋼結構零部件(H 型鋼、箱型梁、網架桿)的組焊、焊接、打磨、檢驗等生產任務。其中下料車間,主要采用激光切割機、等離子切割機下料,另外還有機器人焊接小件。重鋼智能生產線由16條重鋼流水線組成,網架生產車間布有4條網架生產流水線。另還有噴涂區、成品貨場等工作區域。

      The company's production and processing base covers an area of more than 250000 ㎡, with a workshop area of 200000 ㎡. It has more than 18 advanced steel structure production lines and an annual output of 250000 tons of various steel structures. It is mainly responsible for the assembly, welding, grinding, inspection and other production tasks of light steel structure, grid structure, heavy steel structure parts (H-beam, box beam, grid frame rod). In the blanking workshop, laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine are mainly used for blanking, and robot welding is also used for small parts. The intelligent production line of Chongqing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is composed of 16 production lines of Chongqing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., and there are 4 production lines of grid frame in the grid frame production workshop. There are also working areas such as spraying area and finished goods yard.