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      發布日期:2023-04-20 瀏覽次數:661

      工程位于湖北省黃石市陽新縣,工程內容包括φ100m石灰石堆場圓堆網架、17400㎡ 原煤及輔料堆場(屋面鋪設光伏板)長堆網架、9450㎡ 石膏及混合材聯合儲庫平板網架。

      6200t/d Cement & Clinker Production Line for Yang Xin Wa Shi Green Building Materials Co. , Ltd.

      The project is located at Yangxin County, Huangshi City, Hubei Province, and the project scope includes a space frame of φ100m limestone Stacker &Reclaimer Dome, 17400㎡ raw coal and common pre-blending (roof laying photovoltaic panels) ,flat spame frame of 9450㎡  gypsum and mixed material storage.