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      發布日期:2023-04-20 瀏覽次數:583

      工程位于四川省石棉縣,涵蓋多種鋼結構類型,其中包括1240.16㎡自動化立體倉庫、 648㎡分級與改性系統鋼結構附房、包裝系統屋面網架、34.5m廊道及鋼支架,廠房檐口高度達22m。

      Steel structure engineering for Sichuan yixin new material Co., Ltd.

      The project is located at shimian county, sichuan province, the project covers a variety of steel structure types such as 1240.16㎡ automatic three-dimensional warehouse,  648㎡steel structure annex building of sub-area and characteristic changing syatem, roof space frame of packing house, 34.5m corridor and steel bracket/support. Workshop eaves is 22m above the ground.