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      發布日期:2023-04-20 瀏覽次數:642

      工程位于安徽省合肥市駱崗中央公園。 鋼結構用鋼量為470t。本工程為公園內標志性建筑設計為無人值守信標臺高度為60m鋼-混凝土組合結構,地上部分共11層,塔身為鋼筋混凝土筒體,塔頂為鋼桁架結構,屋蓋結構由主受力系統、交叉支撐系統構成,主受力系統為核心筒內鋼骨架及徑向鋼桁架組成。

      DVOR Project Hefei Luogang Central Park

      The project is located in Luogang Central Park, Hefei City, Anhui Province, with a total steel consumption of about 470t. This project is a landmark building of steel-concrete composite structure in the park designed as an unattended DVOR with a height of 60m.The above-ground part has a total of 11 floors and the tower body is a reinforced concrete column . The top of the tower is a steel truss structure and the roof structure is composed of the main force system and the cross support system, and the main force system is composed of the steel skeleton and radial steel truss in the core column.